Audio Downloads

Ugly Smoky Symphony
recorded June 5, 1998 at Jacques' Cabaret
Movement 1 7:55
Movement 2 11:07
Movement 3 6:31
Movement 4 4:40
These four tracks are recorded live from a performance at Jacques' Caberet in Boston. We have performed in this bar's smoky, dark basement many many times. Hrvatski recorded one of the better performances live to minidisk, and we mastered it in our studio. These tracks are fairly representative of what our performances were like at that time. There are photographs of this event, but they are mostly photographs of smoke and nothing else. The fireworks and the fog machine had visibility down to about 2 feet through much of this show.

Don't cry to mommy you baby
recorded 1997
Part 1 7:33
Part 2 7:06
Part 3 7:25
These tracks are from some of the first sessions we did. They were created with mostly primitive instrumentation and recording technique. They give a good sense of what musical ideas we began with. The title comes from nonsense the was scrawled onto the master tapes so that we could distinguish them from each other.

More is coming soon, as our still-as-yet-untitled new CD is very close to being finished. Really.