Most electronic artists are technophiles. We're not exceptions.

Karlheinz used:
Spring reverb, detached from amp
Old turntable
Fostex 4-track (thanks, Hrvatski)
Boss multi-effects pedalboard
Digitech delay
Digitech Metal Machine distortion
Yamaha REX-50 multi-effects
Fender Princeton Reverb
Korg DSS-1 (not functional at the moment.)
Korg DW-8000
Yamaha FB-01
Atari 1040 ST
IBM clone
...And other crap, none of which was bought new.
Lord uses:
johnnie walker black
bombay gin
grapefruit juice
toasted head merlot
tornado foos tables
meatless reuben
lucky strike
early times
camel ultra lights
various musical instruments and computers